How do I Print Then Cut in Design Space?

Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Cricut Design Space is software that allows you to make, customize, upload, import, and edit images and designs before the involvement of a printer and a Cricut machine.

Design Space is always a starting point, whether you are using a printer with Cricut or just completely relying on Cricut to make your crafts. It provides you a canvas to modify, refine or upgrade your designs to be printed, cut, or both.

This tutorial is a basic guide on using Design Space for Cricut print and cut. But let’s be clear about the difference between Cricut regular cut and print then cut.

Cricut Print Then Cut Vs. Regular Cut

Cricut is a die-cut machine that works on the principle of draw and cut. You can reach your project’s goals without using the printer with Cricut. It uses the draw and cut function without a printer. Cricut will first draw the design on paper with its specialized marker and then cut the desired final shape. It is called the regular cut feature in the Cricut machine.

However, printers play a game-changer role when used along with Cricut. We can print designs comprising multiple colors and layers. Printers replace draw then cut with print then cut, speeding up the crafting process.

In print, then cut Cricut only performs the cut function on designs that have already been printed. The design or image is first printed through a printer and then cut with Cricut according to the required shape.

Detailed Guide to Use Cricut Design Space for Print then Cut.

Cricut Design Space allows you to print and cut any image you upload. Printing and cutting can therefore be done on anything that can be placed on the canvas area – where you design. Print then cut is not limited to shapes and designs; it enables you to write and design any text of your choice and then print it.

Here is the step-by-step process to use Design Space;

Step-1: Upload and Insert the Image

Once you have installed Cricut Design Space on your device, the first step is to upload the image to a workspace. There are two options. You will either select a design image from within your device or edit and upload from already existing images in Design Space. When you click “upload image” it will ask for the image source. Make sure to save it as a print-and-cut image instead of a cut.

Cricut Design Space for Print then Cut

The next step is to insert the image into the Design Space canvas. It is the place where you can adjust the size, and change the colors and shape of the image to be printed.

Cricut Design Space

Step 2: Adding Shapes

There is a ‘shapes’ option on the left-hand menu of the canvas as shown in the picture above. You can click it to view the range of shapes from the circle, hexagonal rectangles many others. If you want your final design to be of any specific geometry, you can select the shape accordingly. A pro tip to remember is that always make sure that your printable image is perfectly aligned to the center of the shape to be printed.

Step-3: Print the Image

Cricut print then cut is an integrated process that can be carried only through the compatible printer and Cricut model.

As we already have uploaded, inserted, added colors and shapes to the image. Now we are going to print the image through the printer connected with Cricut.

Click “Make it” to print the image. We have to select a standard (print and cut) option from operations

design space software

Once you click “Make it” next screen will appear which will show the design on a mat. It means that this command is printed and then cut

print and cut design space

External black border line around the image is for the Cricut sensor to understand the image to cut around.

You click “Continue” and it will ask for a model of the Cricut machine you are using. It can be a Cricut maker or explore air.

Note: Cricut Joy is not print then cut compatible. You can avail this facility only with the maker or explore air.

Once you click continue, it will pop up “send to printer” and you will have to select the printer you have attached with your Cricut machine.

Compaitable print and cut printer

Step-4: Select the Material and Cut with Cricut

We are done with printing. Select the material upon which we already printed our design. Cricut will sense the material to be cut.

Material and Cut with Cricut

The last step is to place the mat and image under the Cricut machine to cut the accurate design of your choice.

Common Queries

How does print then cut work in Cricut Design space?

A Print then Cut project involves printing images on a printer and then placing them on a cutting mat and loading them into a Cricut machine. The Cricut scans the registration box, and the pictures are cut out. A black box in Design Space will surround your image.

What does flatten mean Cricut?

In Design Space, the layers selected for flattening are combined into a single printable image. Flatten in Design Space indicates that the entire image should be printed, and a single cut should be made around the exterior outline of the combined image.

Final Words-Things to Remember

Whenever you insert an image to be printed, it comes out of the printer with borders called bleed. This black line border is, by default, to guide Cricut for precise cutting. An ideal setting is to print an image with bleed; however, you can avoid those black borders by turning off the bleed option. You will get rid of this bleed in either case after you cut the image in Cricut.

Another important thing to take care of during print and then cut is to print images only through Cricut Design Space. If you attempt to print images from random sources and then cut them with Cricut, you won’t get accurate results.

Changing of browser or turning off the computer midway between print then cutting can also prove to be failed attempt with a waste of resources.

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