How to Connect a Printer to Network? – Extensive Guide

Last Updated on January 3, 2023

A network connection is extremely helpful for an office or home printer. Talking about that, all office workers can benefit from the flexibility and efficiency that network printers provide because they can function with a wide range of operating systems (including Windows, Mac, and Linux) (laser, inkjet, thermal, etc.).

So, today I have decided to answer some of the most asked questions for you in this complete blog post. So, let’s begin with our first question.

How to connect a printer to the network?

The method to connect a printer to the network is quite simple and straightforward. For that, I have this 3-steps guide designed to help you out with this at first.

Step 01:

On your printer with wireless capabilities, choose your Wi-Fi network. When a compatible wireless network is available, the majority of Wi-Fi printers immediately display a message on their screens. If the printer asks you to confirm you want to join the network, do so.

When asked enter the WIFI password for your firm. For more comprehensive instructions that are specific to your printer, consult the handbook that came with it.

Step 02:

On a computer linked to your wireless network, and press the “Start” key. 

Step 03:

After choosing your wireless printer, click “Next.” If you are asked to install new printer drivers, select “Install Driver.” select “Finish.” And you can now use your printer.

How to install a network printer?

As we are talking about the network printers, this is our second question about them. Following that, first, we suggest you see the instruction booklet. Typically, you can find the necessary software in a Support or Software section on the printer manufacturer’s website.

Step 01:

Use the menu screen incorporated into your printer’s Wi-Fi capability to choose a network to join. To connect the printer to the network for the first time, you might need to use a USB cable to attach it to a PC.

Step 02:

Once the printer is connected to the network, you can add it and access window settings from any networked computer. The Windows menu, which is often located in the edge corner of the screen, contains this option.

Step 03:

To add a printer or scanner, click +. Windows is instructed to look for printers (and scanners) on the network with this command.

How to install network printer

Step 04:

If the printer isn’t discovered automatically, add it. Now, click the printer that you were looking for but isn’t there. For that, choose to Add a Bluetooth, WIFI, or network discoverable printer, and then click Next if the printer isn’t visible. Click it to add it if it appears.

Check to see if the printer is turned on and correctly connected to the network if you’re still having trouble finding it. Another solution is to restart the printer.

How to find the WPS pin for the printer?

Almost always, the settings menu of your printer’s control panel has the WPS pin. But at the same time, it is possible, and mostly brand-to-brand variations take place.

  • The WPS pin can be found in one of the menus by going to the settings menu
  • Search for WIFI or network options. However, if you simply go through the printer’s settings menu, you will certainly find the WPS pin option.
  • You may always refer to the printer’s user handbook and seek the WPS pin in the index or table of contents there.
  • The 8-digit WPS pin for your printer should be displayed when you choose that option from the menu. This way, you can also get done with it!

How to find the WPS pin on the hp printer?

Talking about the WPS pin, I just remember that people ask about hp printers too!

  • The HP printer may require a WPS Pin to be connected to a wireless network if you are only using and trying to set up it on Windows 10.
How to find WPS pin on hp printer
  • There is a tiny screen on the printer where the WPS pin is created for the wireless connection. 
  • This way you can easily find the WPS pin.
How to connect a printer to network

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Frequently Asked Questions

A network printer is one that uses WIFI, right?

Network printers don’t always have to be wireless printers, but wireless printers can also function as network printers. When determining which sort of printer to use for your home or workplace, there are a few differences between network printers and wireless printers that you should be aware of.

Why won’t my printer establish a connection with the server?

Verify that a USB cable is not used to connect the printer. Basically, it happens that if you have the connection between the USB cable, the printer cannot establish a connection. Verify that the cable is attached to both an open port on the router and the Ethernet port on the printer.

How does a printer function on a network?

Wireless printers, also referred to as WIFI printers, may connect to a network without the need for a hard connection or cable. The PCs, cellphones, and tablets associated with that network can print to the wireless printer once it is joined to the WIFI network.

Final words

Installing network printers follows a somewhat different process than installing printers that are locally connected. These printers either use WIFI or Beta printers or are closely attached to a network interface.

Having stated that, it was all from my side. And, if you’ve jumped directly to the conclusive paragraph, I would suggest you to go upward and read out all the important information mentioned there for you!

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