How to Connect Brother Printer to the Computer?

Last Updated on December 10, 2022

The process of connecting to a printer is not the same for all printers. A printer is one of the easiest devices to set up and install. Some printers allow you to set up by just plugging it into your PC and a power source. 

Moreover, knowing how to connect a brother printer to your computer will eliminate any confusion you may have regarding whether or not you made a good decision. So, let’s move forward with the Brother printer guide:

 Connect the Brother Printer to the Computer

How to connect the brother printer to the computer?

A company called Brother makes printers specifically for small businesses, whether you run it from home or have a small office. They consistently maintain quick print rates, allowing you to submit your work as soon as possible. But sometimes you get into the connectivity issue on Brother, so we are available for that!

Here is a 5-step guide to connecting the printer to the computer:

  • After setting up your Brother machine according to the manual directions, move on to the next phase.
  • It is now possible to connect your Brother machine to your computer wirelessly.
  • Insert the Installation Disc into the CD/DVD drive if you’re using one.
  • Double-click the file if you’re using the Full Driver & Software Package that you downloaded.
  • The menu in the top panel appears. To finish installing the driver, adhere to the on-screen directions. Doing this, you will get done.

How to connect a Brother printer to an iPhone? 

The well-known printer lines from Brother provide useful and effective business solutions. For connecting the printer to an iPhone, we have two different methods that add to your feasibility. So, let’s dig into them separately here.

Method 01: 

  • Press the top-positioned Menu button after turning on your Brother device. Press “OK” after selecting “Setup Wizard” with the UP or Down keys.
How to connect a Brother printer to an iPhone 
  • To launch the wireless setup wizard, select “Switch Network interface to wireless” by pressing 1.
  • The gadget will now display all nearby WIFI networks that are accessible.
  • In order to make your modifications, press the one key. A confirmation WLAN report and a message will be printed once the printing device has successfully connected to WIFI.
  • To complete the transaction, click Ok.

Method 02: 

  • Make sure “AirPrint” is enabled if the Brother printer supports it (via the front control panel or via the web interface)
  • Your iPhone automatically establishes a connection with all nearby AirPrint printers.
  • Simply open the document, tap the SHARE icon, then tap PRINT (or “send a copy” then PRINT on newer versions) to print it.
  • The printer’s name will appear; simply tap it to get the print option (it’s easier than it sounds)
  • To view the printer’s name, get closer to it if you can’t.

How to connect the brother printer to the laptop wireless?

There is definitely no lie to claim that Brother printers are top-notch ones. But you can’t guarantee of never falling into an issue whether it’s you or the printer. Moving on, I heard people failing to connect the Brother printer to the laptop wirelessly. So, I devised this short 8-lines guide down below: 

  • When your Brother printer is turned on, connect it to your Wi-Fi network using the instructions in the previous section.
  • Once the installation is complete, move on to the next step.
  • Once you’ve entered “Control Panel” in the dialogue box, click “OK” to continue. Next, launch the “Run Command” from your Windows start menu.
  • In the run box, enter the control panel.
  • Choose “Device and Printer” on the control panel.
  • After that, select your printer from the list by clicking “Add a printer” and then “Next.”
How to connect the brother printer to the laptop wireless
  • Wait a short while before finishing your setup.
How to connect the brother printer to the laptop wireless
  • Finally, a connection between your Windows computer and your Brother wireless printer has been made.

How to connect a brother printer to WIFI without cable? 

  • At your printer, press the menu key and access The Network Wizard
  • Now, move on to Investigate Wireless Networks
  • Make Your Wireless Network Selection and Enter Your Password
  • Once connected, a printer can now be used to print wirelessly through a router without the need for a cable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can you determine whether your Brother printer is Wi-Fi connected?

The “Check Connection” message will appear on your Brother machine’s LCD if you hit the SCAN key without being connected. Please check your computer’s and your Brother machine’s connections.

Why is your Brother printer offline but connected to Wi-Fi?

If your Brother printer is showing as “Offline,” it may not be turned on, have problems like empty toner, not be set as the default printer. In another way, you may have problems with the USB cord or network connection, or have any number of other problems.

How do you switch from an offline printer to an online printer?

  • Select Devices and Printers from the Control Panel by selecting the Start symbol in the lower left corner of your screen.
  • Choose “See what’s printed” by performing a right-click on the printer in the quest.
  • In the window that appears, choose “Printer” from the menu bar at the top.
  • “Use Printer Online” can be chosen from the drop-down menu.

Final words

Brother goes in handy whether you have a small business or own a crafting studio. But due to the number of questions, it is evident that people have difficulty connecting it. 

For that, if you scroll above, I have dedicated four separate sections to solve the problem for different setups. With that, I hope you find this guide meaningful, and if you have other printer-related queries, you can visit our other blog posts! 

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