How to connect the phone to the printer? – Easiest Steps

Last Updated on November 19, 2022

There are times when it gets frustrating to have trouble connecting your phone to printers. Also, back when you had to first transfer all the data, important files that couldn’t be shared, the grind of transferring and disconnection led to this stunning advancement of no data transferring, no wiring process.

We will talk about how to connect the phone to a printer and particularly printing photos from iPhone. So, without any further delay, let’s begin with our extensive guide.

How to connect the phone to the printer? – 5-Step Guide 

Our lives have become so dependent on our smartphones, which we use to access emails, critical documents, and more. Most cell phones have direct printing capabilities. Few phones might not have this feature, but the majority of iPhones and Android phones do.

But, talking about different phones and wireless connections, there are different ways to do so. Starting from the basics, we will talk about these in great detail in this section.

  • Connecting the android phone to the printer through Wi-Fi
  • Connecting the android phone to the printer through Bluetooth

1. Connecting the android phone to the printer through Wi-Fi

Since google cloud printing stopped working, it has led the user into great trouble, and people cannot find reliable yet organized information in one go. But at the same, we have different options available that we are going to talk about.

Using Android’s Default Print Service:

First thing first, to avail this service, you need to connect your printer and phone to the same Wi-Fi service. This will prevent connection issues and allow you to print smoothly without turbulence.

Typically, the android default service will not work if you don’t make the same connections because if you have another source of Wi-Fi, the device will automatically go in search of others, and it will be difficult to make the connection to the one, so better make the same connection.

Also, after connecting, if your device says that it can’t print, that doesn’t mean your device has the issue. The main problem that is undergoing is with the wrong Wi-Fi connection. Now, let’s move to how you can actually do it in a few easy steps.

Connecting the android phone to the printer through Wi-Fi
  • At first, search for the printing on the options bar. From the printing option, you will see the default print service and choose that.
  • By doing so, you will get a list of printers, if there are available and choose the one you are printing from.
  • Next, there is the possibility of not finding the printer and being unable to connect. For that, you can add service from the same printing option. From there, you can specifically choose the brand of printer you have, the model number and some other details to make the right connection.
  • Moving on, if you are still unable to do so, we have another solution for it because we are the name of providing you with the best possible solutions. No matter the brand, these can be found in the same place on the Google Play Store and will search your home network. Although we haven’t tried them, two popular solutions are PrinterOn and PrinterShare Mobile Print.
  • Go to Add printer and enable Wi-Fi Direct printing to start using Wi-Fi Direct. This will search the region for printers that support Wi-Fi Direct.

2. Connecting the android phone to the printer through Bluetooth

There are not many new printers that work with Bluetooth, but many prominent manufacturers still have this feature, as people still find it easy if there is no internet around. The process of connecting the device is pretty easy and quite similar to connecting your phone to your car or anything. Moving on to the step-by-step guide includes the following steps:

  • First, make sure to activate the Bluetooth scanning feature.
  • Once it has finished scanning, go to settings on your phone, touch Connected devices, and then choose Pair new device. By doing this, it enables the phone to search for close connection for performance.
  • In the final step, click to connect when your printer shows in the list of near devices.

How to print from iPhone to canon printer? – Quick Guide 

Printing from iPhone is considered a hard job as people find it difficult to operate when compared to an android phone. As iPhone to apple accessories, connection building is quite easy but not the other way. But we don’t believe in all this and are here to provide you with the solution on how you can connect and print photos from your iPhone to the printer.

Meanwhile, because of great demand and considering the inconvenience by the loyal users of apple, with the assistance of Canon, Apple has created numerous programs that enable printing from an iPhone. Air print and Google Drive Print are the names of these programs and are quite popular because of their efficient working.

Moreover, canon has its own application, particularly for this purpose. Moving on, because they are compatible and produce the best results, Canon printers are frequently chosen. The information provided below can be very helpful for iPhone users who want to print a document using Canon print.

How to print from iPhone to canon printer
  • Firstly, I recommend each and every single person to always check the connection stability before getting into this. It will be frustrating to complete all the steps and start from the top again because of connection problems.
  • After that, make sure that the connections are switched on, the printer and the LAN too.
  • In the third step, click the operation sign from the app on the device.
  • After completing the third step, select Print from the menu.
  • Lastly, the user must select the currently used model from the printer options and this way, and you can easily connect it.

How to print from a phone to a wireless printer?

Printing from a wireless printer is more feasible than any other method. We have two methods to print from phone to wireless printer.

  • Through WPS
  • Through Wi-Fi

Printing with WPS method

  • Firstly, switch the printer on and make sure you have kept it near the Wi-Fi router for a stable connection.
  • Now, press the WIFI button on the printer till it switches on
  • Doing so, press the WPS button, and there will be a blue/green light.
Printing with WPS method
  • Also, the printer’s power and Wi-Fi light will be continuous after joining the wireless network.
  • Start printing a test page to ensure the printer is linked to the wireless network.

Printing without the WPS method

  • On your device, download and launch the Canon Network Device Setup Utilities application.
  • The Canon printer should be turned on and connected via USB.
  • Continue setting up the connection by selecting the USB connection option.
  • Set IPV4 as the connection type.
  • Enter the printer’s serial number as the password.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network, log in, and complete the connection process.
  • Remove the USB cable after the setup is finished, then select the ‘add a device’ option to add the printer.
  • The printer is now operational, and good luck, my friend, for you working.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I immediately connect my iPhone to a printer?

Yes, you can easily connect it from apps like Mail, Photos, and Safari; use AirPrint to print wirelessly to a printer that supports AirPrint. On the App Store, a lot of applications also support AirPrint. The printer and iPhone need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Can I print from my phone without Wi-Fi?

Yes, in some instances. Many contemporary wireless printers can join a two-device wireless network that is controlled by a typical smartphone. Attempt to connect using Bluetooth or another wireless protocol.

Why is my phone unable to locate my printer?

  • As I always mention, check the connection before going ahead.
  • Then, ensure that both devices are running on the same connection. As later it can cause you immense trouble so better to check before.
  • Thirdly, we ensure that the blue light on the main indicator is on, and if it blinks, then there is some issue.
  • After that, it will be connected, and you will be good to work.

Final words

To sum up, users can remotely print from their phones and computer thanks to modern-day wireless printers. Meanwhile, when the printer and phone don’t connect, that powerful combination occasionally fails to function.

That being said, it was all from my side, and I hope you now have a better understanding of the topic we discussed. If there is any other issue, you can also head to other blog posts on our website.

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