How to Find Your Printer’s IP Address? HP, Canon Brothers Printer

Last Updated on December 15, 2022

Sometimes simple things get complicated. I can truly understand because we have all been through that. You shouldn’t worry too much about not being able to find the IP address, but it is a real issue if you’re a newbie to a printer.

There are numerous settings when you must know the printer’s IP number. Whether setting it up or in other conditions, take a deep breath and relax. At the same time, I would mention that since all device brands vary, their terms and settings also differ.

It may not be simple and quick to find or know the IP address placement of, for example, HP or Epson. However, I will make this guide as comprehensive as possible for easy accessibility and clarity. We will talk about different printers that include:

  • Hp printer
  • Canon printer
  • Brother printer
  • Mac
  • iPhone etc.

Since there is a lot to talk about, so let’s begin now:

How to Find your Printer’s IP address? 

Knowing your Printer’s IP address will also make it easier for you to connect it to your Wi-Fi network and establish a secure connection with it. Depending on the model of the Printer and computer you own, there are several ways to obtain your Printer’s IP address. Here is the one direct method:

How to Find your Printer's IP address
  • From the control Panel and also the sound menu, access the devices and printers tab.
  • After that, choose the properties.
How to Find your Printer's IP address
  • If you only see three tabs, take a glance for your IP address underneath the Web Services tab.
  • On another note, if you see five different tags, look in the Ports button for ones IP address.
How to Find your Printer's IP address

Locating an Hp printer IP Address

HP printers connect to your network using IP addresses, which are special identification numbers. During the setup process, this number will probably be required at some point.

It can be difficult to identify the IP address of your printer if you have never had to search for it before. In this quick guide, we will show you how to accomplish this. Additionally, I want to make it clear that these are the quick pointers for obtaining your IP address.

  • Open the app and choose your printer before tapping the Printer Settings piece.
  • Navigate to the Wlan Summary or Network Services menu to find the IP address.
  • Using the buttons on your printer, print an information sheet or a wireless network report. The IP address is included in the output.

How to find the IP address on the canon printer?

Starting over, I must add that there are numerous techniques to determine the IP address of a Canon printer that is linked to your network. But it relies on a variety of things, including the choices you have in the Printer’s menu, the operating system you’re using, and more.

Here are the two basic strategies for achieving this, though!

From the Menu:

  • Click the Menu button after turning on your Canon printer.
  • Find the Network settings by navigating the menu selections.
  • Settings like IP Address, Network, Wi-Fi status, or TCP/IP options might be displayed.
  • Canon will store the IP address of your Printer in this section of the menu.

From PC configurations: 

  • Connect the two devices after turning on your PC and Canon printer.
  • Click the “Settings” option in the new window, then “Devices.”
  • Go to the “Printers & Scanners” menu from here.
  • Choose your printer, and then from the menu, choose “Manage.” Then, select the “Printer properties” option in the new window.
  • A pop-up window will give the impression on your screen. You should now choose the “Ports” tab here. The IP will be visible on this listing.

How to find the printer IP address on Brother? 

Do you want to learn how to find the Brother printer’s IP address? If so, let’s get to it then.

First thing first, ask your network administrator for the Printer’s address. Every network device must have a specific significance of its own.

  • Once you’ve logged in, select “Run” from the menu after clicking the “Start” button on your computer. In the box, enter “CMD,” then press “OK.”
  • Type “Ping printer name ” at the command prompt,” and then note the returning IP address.
  • If you don’t have the network name handy, go over to the Printer. For a setup page to print, click “Go” three times.
  • The Printer’s IP address will be listed on this settings page along with a variety of other details.

How to find the printer IP address on mac?

There are several techniques to locate the IP address of your Printer on a MacBook Air. Follow the instructions for one prominent method, depending on your preferences, to determine your Printer’s IP address;

  • Navigate to the upper-left portion of your MacBook Air and click the “Apple” logo. Choose and launch “System Preferences.”
  • Double-click on the name of the Printer you want to obtain the IP address for from the list of all connected printers. 

How to find the printer IP address on iPhone?

Getting straight into it, the method of finding your Printer’s IP address from your iPhone is pretty simple and straightforward that one can easily find it. But for your convenience, here is the 4-step guide:

  • Open the Settings and then go to Wi-Fi towards the top of the page.
  • Select the I icon or the title of the Wi-Fi connection you are currently logged into.
  • To discover your IP, tap the I symbol or the title of your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Your IP address will be there on the following page in the IPV4 Address section.

How to add a printer by IP address? 

Moving on from finding the Printer’s IP address to knowing how you can add and go with it with the IP address. The process is simple yet interesting, though!

Talking about that, I will take you through two Windows, specifically Windows 7 and Windows 8. Let’s begin with it:

For Windows 7: 

  • Launch the Menu Bar, then select Devices & Printers from the list on the left.
  • Again, from top bar, click “Add a printer.” 
  • In the Localhost or IP address folder, insert the IP address, and afterward, click the Next button. You’ll be done this way, my dear!

For Windows 8: 

  • In Windows, type “printers” into the text box. Then, from the list, choose devices and printers.
  • Next, select Add a Local Printer. Choose Basic TCP/IP Port from the drop-down menu.
  • Insert the Ip in the Name or IP message box, then click the next button to finish.

How to change the Printer’s IP address?

After the Printer’s connectivity issue, which I have also addressed in a separate blog post, we get this question a lot, so I had to add this over here. Meanwhile, there isn’t anything complicated, so let’s go through the pointers.

  • Enter your Printer’s IP address into any web browser’s address bar. The display of your printer will show you its current IP address.
  • If required, provide the password and username for your printer.
  • Use “admin” as the Select IP Address Configuration if you didn’t set a password for your printer.
  • Make the switch from Automatic/Dynamic to Static/Manual IP on your network.
  • Enter the IP address of the printer that you want to utilize. Now, the Printer will be given this IP address when it is connected to your computer.

Final Words

I have described how to locate multiple printers’ IP addresses in this article. Our discussion also included how to change and add your printer’s IP address.

If you are just starting out with your printer or even trying out a new one, this guide will prove very helpful to you. Moving on, you can also recommend this guide to your beginner friends.

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