How to make stickers with Cricut print then cut feature?

Last Updated on May 21, 2022

Are you a DIY crafter? Do you like making things? Have you tried Cricut but just didn’t know what to make? Today, we will share our tips on how to make stickers with Circuit’s Print then Cut technology. It’s super easy and fast. You can create custom stickers with your artwork using the Cricut “Print & Cut” feature.

Your Etsy shop can sell handmade stickers that are perfect for gift giving! They’re perfect for labeling craft supplies and pantry items as well.

If you are still unsure about the question that does Cricut print? The answer is big No. Cricut machine functions only as a cutting machine. To print then cut with Cricut, you need a printer along with your Cricut. Print then cut allows you to cut around already printed designs.

We will share a detailed guide on making print then cut stickers.

Note: Cricut calibration is must while getting started with print then cut.

calibrate for print and cut

Tools Required To Make Stickers With Cricut Print

Cricut Machine

It should be Cricut Maker or explore air 2. We cannot use the Cricut joy here because it does not support print then cut feature.

Compatible printer

It can be any best printer for Cricut . We recommend an inkjet printer because it supports printing stickers on thick sheets.

Sticker Paper

It must be printable sticker paper. You can have Cricut brand, matte white, printable vinyl or glossy paper depending upon your needs. Some extra-thick papers might not smoothly flow through the printers.

Sticker sheet file/Sticker image

A sticker image is what you want your printed sticker to look like. There is already a built-in image pack within Design Space; however, you also can upload any image or sheet of stickers of your choice from any resource.

Always start with inserting a solid shape into the Design space instead of the outline of an image.

The first step in making stickers with a Cricut is to insert the solid shape we want our sticker to be. This will be the final shape of the sticker, and it will let the Cricut know where to cut it. Make sure you’re using a solid shape rather than a shape’s outline. If the grid lines can be seen through the image in the Design Space canvas, it means the shape is not solid and is only an outline of an image.

print and cut soft

Using the “contour “command, you can convert an outline into a solid shape. You have to select the shape, color, and size to be printed. The shape can be a circle, rectangle, or any other orientation you want your sticker to be.

Inset the sticker Image

The second step is to insert the sticker image inside the Cricut Design Space canvas. You can import a sticker image from an external source or make a custom sticker with design options available within Design Space. As You already have selected the shape, you will insert the image to be printed into the selected shape. There is an “images” command on the left side of the Design Space dashboard. Ensure to centrally align the image into the selected shape to make it compatible with print then cut.

print and cut for stickers

Ensure Print then Cut instead of Cut

Generally, when we upload an image in Cricut Design Space, it is automatically selected as a cut image. Sticker images and designated shapes are placed in two different layers with “Cut” written on each. If we click “Make it,” Cricut will cut the image and shape. But we want to print sticker images with the best crafting printer and then cut the shape with Cricut.

There is a “FLATTEN” button in the bottom right corner. If you flatten the image, it will change the command from cut only to print and cut. You can preview it in layers to confirm that print then cut is the function selected.

Both the sticker image and shape must be superimposed in a single layer. Click Make it and then continue and send to the printer.

command to print

The printed image will have black borders around its corners. This solid border will guide the Cricut machine to cut over the sheet.

Solid borders on stickers

Selecting the Material

You have to select the material from within Design Space canvas to cut the sticker sheet on. In the material settings, select “washi” in the case of Avery stickers, and “sticker paper” in the case of Cricut stickers. To see this option on the Cricut Explore , set the dial to Custom.

Mat Loading

The next step is to Print the sticker paper onto the mat. You can use either your hands or a brayer tool to smooth the sticker paper down close to the upper left corner of the mat. Load the mat into the Cricut machine by pressing the flashing arrow button.

Cutting the Stickers with Cricut

You should press the C button once the machine has loaded the mat to begin the cutting process. The machine starts cutting the stickers immediately when the Cricut icon starts flashing.
As soon as the Cricut scans the paper, it will begin cutting. The black registration lines will appear on the paper when it starts moving around.
After you have finished cutting, unload the mat by pressing the flashing arrow button. Once you finish cutting, the Cricut machine will prompt you.
Take the mat out of the machine once you’ve finished cutting and remove the stickers. You’re ready to go!

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